Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've never been one to ramble on about individual tracks.  I simply just present them and you the listener take in what you want.  And yes, I understand that it is nice to learn a little bit about an artist that you have not heard before.  But here on my blog I'm going to just get the tracks out there.  Occasionally I'll introduce some of the not so familiar artist or groups.  But on average you will see a new track on a daily basis some with description and some not.  Please leave comments if you have any questions and I will surely follow up with you.  Now with that said I would like to introduce to you my "Galactic Funk Series."  Some may call these tracks Italo, Boogie, old R&B, Funk or simply Disco. To me they're a group of tracks that I complied and named galactic funk series cause they make me feel like I'm on a galactic space voyage,  enjoy.
Download "Messages From The Stars Long Wave Mix 12" Here

Reggie Blount - You keep checkin me by FEEBLEMINDz
Download Here

Holy Ghost (Extended) by FEEBLEMINDz
Download Here

Download Carly Simon Why (12" Paradise Garage Mix) Here

Connie funky little beat instrumental by FEEBLEMINDz

Download Here