Monday, May 30, 2011



“REPTILE MAN”-The Dog That Bit People

Crisp bursts of brilliant sound snaking its way up through a swamp of jungle toms and overloaded prog
synth vocals that would make Gene and Dean Ween weep .

“Reptile Man” spits and screams at you with all the patience and spatial awareness of a psych-rock
number, while maintaining the groove of a brooding antihero’s theme song. It’s Rick Wakeman’s blues.
It’s Brian Eno’s funk. It’s Tony and Ozzy’s little brother.


The Dog That Bit People - Reptile Man (1971) by FEEBLEMINDz
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Whereas “My Love” has more of a lounge, bordering on Roy Ayers feel, this tune is straight out of
the 60’s psych-pop era, and considering it was written and performed by the same group, it couldn’t
possibly be more different if it tried. True to the myriad jangly elements that define many of that
era’s offerings, its rhythm section is a burlap sack of tambourines, hi-hats and loose change shaken
furiously in time, as the bass bounces and works its way through the forest of monotone vocal hooks
and enthusiastic group harmonies. All of this colliding with a guitar that’s as fuzzy as it is frenetic, results
in a tastily layered combo of an under 3 minute pop tune that’s enough to make Britpop consider a
relocation to Lima, and proof that this group is anything but the English translation of its name.

Laghonia - Trouble Child by FEEBLEMINDz

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“MY LOVE”-Laghonia

This 60’s Peruvian psychedelic lounge rock group is as reminiscent of German songstress Nico as they
are of The Beatles. A melancholy mix of forlorn lyrics, rich, full bass lines, longingly aching organ
pads and unresolved chords makes this one of those “turn-down-the-lights-and-slow-dance-in-your –
living-room” kind of tunes. It’s guaranteed to make your heart break in all the right ways. Just make
sure that you have the one you love there with you to help pick up the pieces.

Laghonia - My Love by FEEBLEMINDz

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A predecessor to alt country, complete with a band name homage to a Gram Parsons tune, how could
this late 1960’s outfit from Indiana that so embodied the “San Francisco sound “go under the radar for
so long?

On “Father Come With Me”, a waltzy beat is accentuated methodically by a slow-dance, 50’s style
rhythm guitar that wouldn’t be out of place next to “Earth Angel” if not for the subtle darkness of a layer
of minor chords and swirling organ, which brings it back into balance with the times, and closer in that
sense to The Animals version of “House of The Rising Sun”.

This record is one of the rarest finds out there, so if you come across it, snatch it up. It’ll be the best
decision you made all year.

Hickory Wind - Father Come With Me (1969) Jazzy Psychedelic Rock by FEEBLEMINDz

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Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight GET OUT OF MY LIFE WOMAN 12-26-1965 by CHUBBYDISCOFINGERS

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Words Done By Russell Gustave Ochoa

Saturday, May 28, 2011



Dr Dre Sampled for Nuthin but a G Thang, and "The Wash."

Leon Haywood OG classic Download Here

Q Tip Sampled Black Ivory's "You and I" for his track "Gettin Up" on his solo album Renaissance.
YOU AND I (Original Full-Length Album Version) - Black Ivory by CHUBBYDISCOFINGERS
Download Here

Wu Tang sampled for "C.R.E.A.M."

Download The Charmels OG version here

Junior M.A.F.I.A. Sampled Sylvia Striplin "You can't turn away" for their hit track "Get Money."
Sylvia Striplin You Can't Turn Me Away by CHUBBYDISCOFINGERS
Download the Original Here

Armand Van Helden and A-Trak Samples Final Editions "I can do it" for there first track together "aNYway."
FINAL EDITION - I Can Do It (Anyway You Want) (extended) by CHUBBYDISCOFINGERS
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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've never been one to ramble on about individual tracks.  I simply just present them and you the listener take in what you want.  And yes, I understand that it is nice to learn a little bit about an artist that you have not heard before.  But here on my blog I'm going to just get the tracks out there.  Occasionally I'll introduce some of the not so familiar artist or groups.  But on average you will see a new track on a daily basis some with description and some not.  Please leave comments if you have any questions and I will surely follow up with you.  Now with that said I would like to introduce to you my "Galactic Funk Series."  Some may call these tracks Italo, Boogie, old R&B, Funk or simply Disco. To me they're a group of tracks that I complied and named galactic funk series cause they make me feel like I'm on a galactic space voyage,  enjoy.
Download "Messages From The Stars Long Wave Mix 12" Here

Reggie Blount - You keep checkin me by FEEBLEMINDz
Download Here

Holy Ghost (Extended) by FEEBLEMINDz
Download Here

Download Carly Simon Why (12" Paradise Garage Mix) Here

Connie funky little beat instrumental by FEEBLEMINDz

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Saturday, May 21, 2011


Seeing that the week is nearly over and were all still here I'd like celebrate with a few nuggets that seemed to be appropriate for our survival.  First track is "I'm so in love with you," done by the soul group Wizdom, based out of Florida.  Special thanks to Kay Dee records for uncovering and reissuing this gem.  Following up with that is another track reissued by Kay Dee records, Ramsey and Companys "Love Call."  A smooth seventies funk track with wonderful keys laced through it.  Wrapping it I threw in a few awesomely weird 60s/70s Turkish psyche rock tunes, enjoy.
Wizdom - I'm so in love with you by FEEBLEMATTHEW81
Download Here
Ramsey and Company - Love Call by FEEBLEMATTHEW81
Download Here
Hüsnü Özkartal Orkestras by FEEBLEMATTHEW81
Download Here

Moğollar - Çığrık by FEEBLEMATTHEW81
Download Here